How Do You See Your Market?

Connoisseur Goggles

Today, my business-building friend, we’re on a mission … an ongoing mission to to expose an insidious blind spot affecting Main Street business owners, like you … a blind spot that is most likely leading you astray. The target of today’s exposé? An all too common case of wearing “connoisseur goggles” best described by Youngme […] Read more »

Marketing Quick Take Q&A: How to Determine the Primary Benefit of Your Marketing Campaign

Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Tom Wanek. Welcome to WonderBranding’s Marketing Quick Take Q&A, where we answer your most burning marketing questions. Today’s question comes from Ed Skimin, owner of Emerge, Incorporated. Ed wants to know: “We are putting together marketing plans for a new service, and have a long list of features and benefits that […] Read more »

Celebrating an Advertising Legend: The Best of David Ogilvy

Last week marked the 100th birthday of David Ogilvy, legendary advertising executive. Nicknamed “The Father of Advertising,” Time called Ogilvy “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” It’s no secret that I’m a big, BIG fan of David Ogilvy, and have been heavily influenced by his words and wisdom. So to celebrate his 100th […] Read more »

How Creativity and Entertainment Can Demolish Your Ad’s Ability to Convince: Deconstructing Honda Odyssey’s “The Van Beckons” Ad

Today, I deconstruct the Honda Odyssey “The Van Beckons” Ad, and together we’ll learn why your message must resonate with your customer in order to drive sales. Miss the mark, even by a smidgen, and you’re in big, BIG trouble. First Mental Image (FMI): Average Joe walking out of a supermarket, late in the evening, […] Read more »

Strategic Question #8: Are you targeting the relational or transactional customer with your marketing message?

(This post is a continuation of our detailed look into the 13 strategic marketing questions that every marketer must answer.) Are you targeting the relational or transactional customer with your marketing message? Generally speaking, your customer will fall into one of two camps: relational or transactional. And you must decide which of the two you […] Read more »

How Domino’s Leverages Credibility Full-Tilt to Elevate Awareness and Persuade: Deconstructing Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” Ad

Today, I deconstruct Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” ad, which, with it’s direct, left-brain approach, contrasts nicely with the symbolic, right-brain Dodge Challenger “Freedom” commercial. Both are powerful and persuasive in their own right. So grab a latte, pull up a chair, and let’s get started. First Mental Image (FMI): Viewers are introduced to Tate, Domino’s […] Read more »

Why You May Be Sabotaging Your Advertising Efforts and How to Avoid This Mistake – Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of this post… The customer experience meltdown I described last week is not at all uncommon. I see stuff like this all the time. And I bet you do too. Things like: Disgruntled Employee grumbling openly about hours, work conditions, or other co-workers. This tends to happen most frequently as […] Read more »