How Nature’s Recipes Can Solve Your Marketing Problems – Part 1

Stotting Gazelle

In 1941, Swiss engineer, George de Mestral invented Velcro after he got the idea for the fastener after examining the burrs that stubbornly stuck to the fur of his dog. Velcro is a practical application of biomimicry – a new science which studies nature’s ingenious solutions and then copies these ‘recipes’ to solve human problems. […] Read more »

Are You Suffocating Your Customers With Choice?

As I’ve said before in greater detail, the brain’s decision making machinery is amazingly fragile. Working memory has a finite capacity. According to psychologist George Miller, the conscious brain can juggle only seven pieces of data at any one moment. Heaping on additional information quickly capsizes decision making. Neuroscientist Jonah Lehrer observes, “Choices that seem […] Read more »