Marketing Quick Take Q&A: Fearing Social Media

Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Tom Wanek. Welcome to WonderBranding’s Marketing Quick Take Q&A, where we answer your specific questions about marketing and advertising. Today’s question comes from WonderBranding reader, Duane Christensen … Duane says: “I’ve been pondering this comment a local lawn fertilizing client of mine told me the other day. He said something like, […] Read more »

TED Talk: How Social Media Is Killing Marketing To Women (Hazzah!)


If you’re a regular reader of WonderBranding, you know how I feel about demographics. Use of demographics was the most reliable measuring tool way back, when there was just a handful of TV networks and personal computers were still a twinkle in IBM’s eye. In fact, my latest book, Unzipped, was written from the premise […] Read more »

How Jeff Sexton Will Change Your Thinking About Advertising


I’ll be in Austin this week to teach the new version of Unzipped, the two-day course at Wizard Academy. For those of you who can’t make it, I’m about to recommend a blog post which will rev your brain and will probably take a week to absorb. (Wouldn’t want you feeling bored while I’m gone.) […] Read more »

What Steps Are You Taking To Safeguard Your Company’s Reputation?

You just might want to think twice about posting that negative review the next time you find yourself having an unpleasant hotel stay. Well, at least wait until you’ve checked out of the dump. USA Today recently reported that a British couple was booted from their room at the Golden Beach Hotel in Blackpool England, […] Read more »

Tips On Blogging And Social Media: My Interview With Cheryl Ragsdale

Who is Cheryl Ragsdale? Harvard graduate, consultant and model; sporting a sparkling wit, and an appetite for mixed martial arts. When Cheryl decided to launch her blog, That Girl Is Funny, in August, 2009, it took her just a few short months to boom its popularity ( maintains an Alexa Top 100,000 ranking). Yes, Cheryl […] Read more »

Monday Morning Marketing Quote: Why Social Media Needs To Be a Part Of Your Marketing

Are you getting involved, or are you being left in the dust? Today’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote talks about the importance of getting involved in social media, and comes from Frank Agin and Lewis Howes and their book, LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn the Worlds Largest Professional Networking Website. “When you become actively involved, you […] Read more »