How Creativity and Entertainment Can Demolish Your Ad’s Ability to Convince: Deconstructing Honda Odyssey’s “The Van Beckons” Ad

Today, I deconstruct the Honda Odyssey “The Van Beckons” Ad, and together we’ll learn why your message must resonate with your customer in order to drive sales. Miss the mark, even by a smidgen, and you’re in big, BIG trouble. First Mental Image (FMI): Average Joe walking out of a supermarket, late in the evening, […] Read more »

How Domino’s Leverages Credibility Full-Tilt to Elevate Awareness and Persuade: Deconstructing Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” Ad

Today, I deconstruct Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” ad, which, with it’s direct, left-brain approach, contrasts nicely with the symbolic, right-brain Dodge Challenger “Freedom” commercial. Both are powerful and persuasive in their own right. So grab a latte, pull up a chair, and let’s get started. First Mental Image (FMI): Viewers are introduced to Tate, Domino’s […] Read more »

Proof That Domino’s Message Is Working

In a follow-up to my blog post, Yes, Our Pizza Sucks! Domino’s Latest Credibility Investment, I want to share with you evidence that the company’s gutsy marketing strategy is working. Take a look at the chart to the right. Notice that Domino’s stock price has nearly doubled since the launch of its marketing campaign. I […] Read more »

Yes, Our Pizza Sucks! Domino’s Latest Credibility Investment

Are you willing to stand naked in front of your customers? Most business owners simply don’t have the courage. They prefer to turn a blind eye to any uncomfortable truths about their business. You know, those stomach-twisting characteristics or traits that might cause customers to bolt for the nearest competitor: Drawbacks to a product offering. […] Read more »