4 Things That Will Improve The Checkout Experience


Just because your customer is making a purchase in your retail location doesn’t mean you should relax at the cash register. Every moment she spends with you is an opportunity to improve your image and deliver a memorable customer experience. Here are 4 things you can do at low-or-no-cost: Clean off your counter and give […] Read more »

What CrossFit Can Teach You About Cult Branding


CrossFit is a fitness lifestyle that has taken the world by storm over the last few years.  In some ways, it’s a throwback to old-fashioned fitness, using moves that incorporate cardio activity with strength training moves like pull-ups and push-ups.  From garage set-ups to larger spaces, CrossFit “boxes” (as CrossFitters like to call them) are […] Read more »

How to Uncover the Culprit Clobbering Your Sales


As mentioned in greater detail, WonderBranding’s new focus is to teach Main Street business owners, like you, how to grow your business and deal with challenges of all sizes. (That said, please email us your marketing and advertising questions.) Recently, WonderBranding reader and toy retailer, Phil Wrzesinski, asked: “My biggest challenge is trying to figure […] Read more »

Why You May Be Sabotaging Your Advertising Efforts and How to Avoid This Mistake – Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of this post… The customer experience meltdown I described last week is not at all uncommon. I see stuff like this all the time. And I bet you do too. Things like: Disgruntled Employee grumbling openly about hours, work conditions, or other co-workers. This tends to happen most frequently as […] Read more »

Why You May Be Sabotaging Your Advertising Efforts and How to Avoid This Mistake – Part One

I’m concerned that you may be sabotaging your advertising efforts… and it has nothing to do with poorly written ads, or choice of media. Truth be told, I’ve carried this concern for a long time. But it took a customer experience meltdown to remind me that I need to make sure you’re maximizing every penny […] Read more »