How Domino’s Leverages Credibility Full-Tilt to Elevate Awareness and Persuade: Deconstructing Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” Ad

Today, I deconstruct Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” ad, which, with it’s direct, left-brain approach, contrasts nicely with the symbolic, right-brain Dodge Challenger “Freedom” commercial. Both are powerful and persuasive in their own right. So grab a latte, pull up a chair, and let’s get started. First Mental Image (FMI): Viewers are introduced to Tate, Domino’s […] Read more »

How Under Armour’s Marketing to Women Strategy Annihilates the “Shrink It and Pink It” Myth

Prevailing wisdom, for more than a decade, has sold business owners a marketing to women magic elixir dubbed “Shrink It and Pink It.” Seems pretty enticing. Probably works like gangbusters, right? Baloney. Prevailing wisdom is wrong… Shrink It and Pink It is pure crappola. And anyone who believes that this strategy is the path to […] Read more »

My Interview on E3Woman With Kadena Tate

On Monday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kadena Tate from E3Woman. Kadena and I spoke about the “trinity” of marketing strategy the importance of credibility in marketing. Look, I know you hate puffery. I do too. So I really mean it when I tell you that Kadena has a brilliant mind for […] Read more »

Proof That Domino’s Message Is Working

In a follow-up to my blog post, Yes, Our Pizza Sucks! Domino’s Latest Credibility Investment, I want to share with you evidence that the company’s gutsy marketing strategy is working. Take a look at the chart to the right. Notice that Domino’s stock price has nearly doubled since the launch of its marketing campaign. I […] Read more »

How To Convince Customers That You Are The Superior Choice

How do you convince a skeptical public that your product or service is the superior choice? How do you inject believability into your marketing message without delivering the ho-hum claims and clichés that customers loathe and reject? You demonstrate confidence in your product or service with a credibility investment. Saddleback Leather Company brazenly dares you […] Read more »

Yes, Our Pizza Sucks! Domino’s Latest Credibility Investment

Are you willing to stand naked in front of your customers? Most business owners simply don’t have the courage. They prefer to turn a blind eye to any uncomfortable truths about their business. You know, those stomach-twisting characteristics or traits that might cause customers to bolt for the nearest competitor: Drawbacks to a product offering. […] Read more »