Speaking and Workshops

When it comes right down to it, we love to teach.

The hardest part about creating this page is that it’s difficult to list each and every presentation and workshop we offer. That’s because no one presentation is alike.

We tailor each and every session/class to the needs of participants, based upon:

  • the size of your organization
  • your industry
  • the particular goal of accomplishment you have set for participants

We create lively, interactive, thought-provoking presentations geared to enlighten and inspire, with practical tools and techniques to grow your business.

Presentations and workshops can range from 45 minutes to two full-days, with topics like:

  • The 12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising
  • The Personal Experience Factor: How to Create Fanatically Loyal Customers
  • Currencies That Buy Credibility: How To Strengthen the Believability of Your 
 Marketing Message
  • Deconstructing Ads: What Works in Advertising, What Doesn’t And Why
  • Unzipped: The Anatomy of Your Customer’s Behavior and How It Can Make or Break 
 Your Marketing Message
  • The Future of Social Media: Tools & Techniques for the Future Growth of Your
  • Hitting the Mother Lode: The 7 Things You Need to Know About Marketing to Women

A few details on some of our more popular sessions are below.

Interested in hiring us? We always enjoy our conversations with crackerjack business folk. Give us a shout. We’ll discuss your needs, along with details and speaking fees.

Currencies That Buy Credibility

Tom Wanek PresentingMaking powerful statements is easy:

“We won’t be undersold.”
“Satisfaction guaranteed.”
“The best quality at the best price.”

But making these statements believable is not so easy.

The believability of your company’s marketing message is directly related to your willingness to risk or spend one or more of six resources. And the more you risk or spend, the more believable your message becomes.

Money is only one of the six resources you can invest.

We’ll teach your audience the six currencies they can use to purchase credibility, show them successful examples of each and help them craft their own believable power statement.

This is a one-of-a-kind marketing presentation with information your audience can take home and immediately put to action.

Session Key Points:

  • Why your marketing and advertising must account for credibility
  • What biologists and neurologists have discovered about communicating with honesty 
 and trust
  • How to purchase credibility for your business by investing one of more of six 
  • Three questions that will align what you are saying with who you are being
  • Where credibility fits into the entire mechanism of persuasive marketing 
  • How to craft your very own power statement

This presentation is based on Tom’s book, Currencies That Buy Credibility.

The Personal Experience Factor:  Going Deeper Than Customer Satisfaction

Good advertising can help bring people in through your door, but the magic that happens once they’re inside is what transforms those visitors into customers.

We’re not just talking about sales training or old-fashioned “customer service” – Personal Experience Factor (PEF) is the measurement of an in-depth encounter with your business.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of PEF and charge your imagination with ways you can deepen the experience of your own customers.

You will:

  • Learn how PEF fits into the formula of good marketing
  • Discover how to begin deepening PEF using the five senses
  • Understand how to budget for PEF within your existing marketing budget
  • Explore the four distinct purchasing processes of customers – how to differentiate what each customer needs, and how to deliver distinct, individual PEF
  • Learn an easy way to give your employees authority to deepen a customer’s experience, on the spot
  • Uncover the importance of PEF in generating world-of-mouth advertising

The future is about the customer and, in turn, your business.  Dive into the deep end of this workshop and walk away with a new understanding about customer experience and methods for making it work inside your door.

The Seven Most Common Credibility Killers In Marketing Today

Credibility is the characteristic or trait of being trusted. And successful companies deliberately take steps to protect and project credibility, leading consumers to anticipate a trustworthy buying experience. But there are seven credibility killers lurking in marketing today that will undermine any attempts to attract and convert customers.

Learn how to avoid the seven most common credibility killers in marketing.

Deconstructing Ads: What works in advertising, what doesn’t and why

Which first mental image provides your ad with the greatest impact? Does your last mental image leave customers feeling good about your company, products or services? Does your advertising frame the buying experience for the customer? Which words are most likely to persuade your customer to take action? What information should be left out? Successful ads account for every one of these factors.

In this presentation, we deconstruct a series of ads and teaches your audience what works, what doesn’t and why.

The Soccer Mom Myth: Real Marketing To Today’s Female Consumer

Michele Miller PresentingMichele brings the principles from The Soccer Mom Myth book to life with humorous stories, real life examples and unexpected insights.

Session Key Points:

  • What do women really want
  • How women process advertising messages differently than men
  • Male vs. female communication style
  • How to market to women without turning off men
  • What marketing mediums are most effective for reaching women
  • How women shop online vs. offline
  • Blogs, word of mouth, email, discussion forums, video and other ways to take 
 advantage of the power of the Internet
  • Should a man or woman create your marketing campaign
  • Personas – how to communicate with and market to different types of female 
  • How to shatter stereotypes and really get to know who your female customers are

The Foundations of Marketing Workshop: How to Ignite Traffic, Sales and Word of Mouth

For many business owners, marketing is one area where there seems to be plenty of questions and not enough answers. It’s anyone’s guess what works … what doesn’t … and, most importantly, why.

Marketing and advertising isn’t something you should attempt on a wing and a prayer.

You need to know – with complete confidence – that your marketing strategy and advertising message will grow your business. Otherwise, your marketing dollars are better spent someplace else. (Heck, you might as well keep that money securely in your pocket.)

So how should you position your business relative to the competition? What should your ads say? Which advertising medium will give you the biggest bang for your buck?

So how DO you get a handle on your marketing?

We’ll teach you when you attend The Foundations of Marketing Workshop.

We’ll answer all these questions and more, igniting your marketing to drive more traffic, sales and word of mouth. You’ll also learn:

  • How to develop a powerful marketing strategy for your business that makes writing ad copy a breeze.
  • Leveraging every asset you own? We’ll double check your efforts giving you a clear-eyed, objective opinion. Here’s why.
  • How to determine if your marketing is answering a question no one was asking. Prevents you from flushing thousands of advertising dollars down the toilet. Be sure to do this before you advertise.
  • Perfectly position your business in the mind of your customer using the science of triangulation. 3 simple steps that’ll differentiate your business and blow away the competition. Yet most marketers leave out one of the three steps.

Read more about The Foundations of Marketing Workshop

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