4 Things That Will Improve The Checkout Experience


Just because your customer is making a purchase in your retail location doesn’t mean you should relax at the cash register. Every moment she spends with you is an opportunity to improve your image and deliver a memorable customer experience. Here are 4 things you can do at low-or-no-cost: Clean off your counter and give […] Read more »

Why Your Customers Abandon Online Shopping Carts


This article originally appeared on GrokDotCom. I go into the garage for a hammer. On my way back into the house, I stop for a cold drink and remember that the kitchen trash needs to be taken out for tomorrow’s collection. Dropping the can at the curb, I turn and notice that the landscaper forgot […] Read more »

Hot Gossip: Dove To Dump “Real Beauty” Campaign

gray-garbage-can crop

There was one quiet item in the news out of London this morning, with MarketingWeek reporting that Dove has ordered its ad agency, Ogilvy, to dump the highly successful “Real Beauty” campaign for something “less preachy.” Rumor has it that the new campaign, still under wraps with the code name “Darwin,” is aimed away from […] Read more »

How Under Armour’s Marketing to Women Strategy Annihilates the “Shrink It and Pink It” Myth

Prevailing wisdom, for more than a decade, has sold business owners a marketing to women magic elixir dubbed “Shrink It and Pink It.” Seems pretty enticing. Probably works like gangbusters, right? Baloney. Prevailing wisdom is wrong… Shrink It and Pink It is pure crappola. And anyone who believes that this strategy is the path to […] Read more »

TED Talk: How Social Media Is Killing Marketing To Women (Hazzah!)


If you’re a regular reader of WonderBranding, you know how I feel about demographics. Use of demographics was the most reliable measuring tool way back, when there was just a handful of TV networks and personal computers were still a twinkle in IBM’s eye. In fact, my latest book, Unzipped, was written from the premise […] Read more »

Survey On Gender Desire For Brands: Fuzzy Logic?


WalletPop reported on a new study just out from Buyology marketing group, listing the “20 Most Desired Brands” for each gender. Here are the results: Top 20 Most Desired Brands in the World: Women 1. Johnson & Johnson 2. Sony 3. Kleenex 4. National Geographic 5. MasterCard 6. Google 7. Amazon 8. Visa 9. General […] Read more »