Deconstructing Ads: Southwest Airlines Loves Your Bags

First Mental Image (FMI): Five airline baggage handlers standing on a tarmac, proclaiming that Southwest Airlines loves bags. The ad establishes a solid theme with its first mental image. A baggage handler is a credible spokesperson for baggage. The Message: Simple and straightforward. Unlike most airlines, your bags fly free on Southwest. Southwest successfully leverages […] Read more »

Deconstructing Ads: San Diego Zoo’s Elephant Odyssey

First Mental Image (FMI): Two Columbian Mammoths enjoying a mud bath. Happy animals. A good First Mental Image, especially if you’re advertising a zoo. The Message: We soon discover that our two heros are soaking in a deadly tar pit. At this moment, the ad takes a disastrous turn down Flop Lane. Here’s why: Conjuring […] Read more »

Deconstructing Ads: USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Campaign

First Mental Image (FMI): Attending a business seminar. Learning from a team of experts who are teaching you how to run your business more efficiently. This ad opens with a solid first mental image. A business seminar is a familiar, non-threatening environment. And most small business owners have attended at least one business seminar in […] Read more »