Intensify the Believability and Persuasiveness of Your Ads with Hard-Hitting, Personal Stories: Deconstructing J.R. Dunn Jewelers

J.R. Dunn ad copy (Please note: Scroll to the bottom of this post to hear the produced radio spot): When I was seven years old, I held my father’s head in my hands as he took his last breath and died. A thing like that stays with you. It helps you understand that relationships – […] Read more »

How Creativity and Entertainment Can Demolish Your Ad’s Ability to Convince: Deconstructing Honda Odyssey’s “The Van Beckons” Ad

Today, I deconstruct the Honda Odyssey “The Van Beckons” Ad, and together we’ll learn why your message must resonate with your customer in order to drive sales. Miss the mark, even by a smidgen, and you’re in big, BIG trouble. First Mental Image (FMI): Average Joe walking out of a supermarket, late in the evening, […] Read more »

How Domino’s Leverages Credibility Full-Tilt to Elevate Awareness and Persuade: Deconstructing Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” Ad

Today, I deconstruct Domino’s “Rate Our Chicken” ad, which, with it’s direct, left-brain approach, contrasts nicely with the symbolic, right-brain Dodge Challenger “Freedom” commercial. Both are powerful and persuasive in their own right. So grab a latte, pull up a chair, and let’s get started. First Mental Image (FMI): Viewers are introduced to Tate, Domino’s […] Read more »

How to Make the Heart of Your Customer Roar with Passion for Your Brand: Deconstructing The Dodge Challenger Freedom Ad

In this post, I’ll deconstruct the Dodge Challenger “Freedom” ad, and peel back its many layers of persuasion. First Mental Image (FMI): A Revolutionary era British soldier/scout running, frantically, through a wooded trail; alerting his troop of the impending American attack. The ad begins with Read more »

I Hate Miracle Whip… But I Love This Ad

In this post, I’ll deconstruct Miracle Whip’s “Take a Side” ad, explaining why its one of the best ads I’ve seen in awhile. First Mental Image: “On a scale from one to 10, I HATE Miracle Whip at like 22.” KABOOM! Just like that, you’re captivated by a high-impact, First Mental Image (FMI), which is […] Read more »