Marketing Quick Take Q&A: Should You Sell Your Business? Part 1

Video Transcript: Greetings from San Antonio!  As you can probably see from the hotel room décor, I’m on the road again for business travel, but I didn’t want that to stop me from posting this new question we recently received from Greg.  Greg writes: “I’m 54 years old and in the “powersports business.”  I never […] Read more »

3 Reasons Your Staff Meetings Suck – And How To Fix Them


You’re a business owner who prides yourself on regularly scheduled staff meetings. Look at you, prancing around, all managerial and full of efficiency. How’s that working for you? Do meetings start late because of stragglers? Do staff members stare straight ahead with glazed-over cow eyes? If you poked them with a sharp stick, would it […] Read more »

How To Waste Time Like Steve Jobs


Lennie loved to take naps. He built himself a small building from a kit, behind his house in Connecticut.  He filled it with the tools of his trade and added a sofa. Lennie’s wife would look in from time to time and catch him lying on the sofa, daydreaming or napping. “I thought you were […] Read more »

Lessons From Hyundai That Could Save Your Business


There’s a lot you can learn from Hyundai. It took the automaker 20 years to transform the brand from “junk car” to “gotta have,” but today models like the Elantra and Sonata are hot tickets (forget any kind of discount at a dealership).  Since 2008, sales are up 60% and show no signs of stopping. […] Read more »

Welcome to the New WonderBranding


One month ago, WonderBranding marked its eighth anniversary.  Eight years of writing, analyzing, laughing at – and sometimes crying over – many things having to do with marketing to women. Thanks to WonderBranding, opportunities, connections, and work have taken me around the globe, allowing me to share my knowledge about the female customer with many […] Read more »

Are You Choking Your Employees Off From Experiencing Success?


I had to smack around a client the other day. Well, maybe not smack around.  But it did involve shaking my finger and saying things like, “Stop it.” It all had to do with what I’ve written posts about in the past: giving your employees the authority to grow your business. I was in a […] Read more »