4 Things That Will Improve The Checkout Experience


Just because your customer is making a purchase in your retail location doesn’t mean you should relax at the cash register. Every moment she spends with you is an opportunity to improve your image and deliver a memorable customer experience. Here are 4 things you can do at low-or-no-cost: Clean off your counter and give […] Read more »

Why Your Customers Abandon Online Shopping Carts


This article originally appeared on GrokDotCom. I go into the garage for a hammer. On my way back into the house, I stop for a cold drink and remember that the kitchen trash needs to be taken out for tomorrow’s collection. Dropping the can at the curb, I turn and notice that the landscaper forgot […] Read more »

How to Figure Out Your Advertising Budget in 3 Easy Steps


Last time we took a look at how your Cost of Occupancy should be included as part of your marketing and advertising budget. Are you still wondering exactly how to figure out what your ad budget should be? Here’s an easy, three-step process for determining your ad budget:   1)  Budget between 10 and 12 […] Read more »

The #1 Thing You Forget In Your Marketing Budget


  Type “marketing budget template” into a search engine and you’ll find several examples, from the most basic to impressively detailed. But 99 percent of the time there’s one important line item missing – your Cost of Occupancy.   Cost of Occupancy = Yearly Rent or Mortgage   Your yearly cost of rent or mortgage […] Read more »

What CrossFit Can Teach You About Cult Branding


CrossFit is a fitness lifestyle that has taken the world by storm over the last few years.  In some ways, it’s a throwback to old-fashioned fitness, using moves that incorporate cardio activity with strength training moves like pull-ups and push-ups.  From garage set-ups to larger spaces, CrossFit “boxes” (as CrossFitters like to call them) are […] Read more »

Marketing Quick Take Q&A: Should You Sell Your Business? Part 3

Video Transcript: Welcome to the final episode in our three-part series called, “Should I Sell My Business?” In this wrap-up, I just want to talk briefly about possibilities; the possibilities that exist for you out there in the great world beyond your everyday life. In his original email to us, Greg Taylor talked of selling […] Read more »

Marketing Quick Take Q&A: Should You Sell Your Business? Part 2

Video Transcript: Hi, Michele Miller here again with the second in our three-part “Quick Take Video,” addressing a recent question from Greg Taylor.  Greg is 54 years old and owns a profitable power sports business that’s taken a lot out of him.  In Episode 1, we talked about the difference between a simple need for […] Read more »