Think of your customers as “Soccer Moms?” Meet one, then think again.

Name: Michele Miller

Age: “Soccer Mom” range

Number of children: Do dogs count?

Favorite meal: Anything I don’t have to cook

Favorite household product: Duct tape

Wish I had more time to: Watch NFL games

Currently driving: Acura RL

Dream car: Fisker Karma

Politics: East of liberal, west of conservative

Stress relief: Knitting.  Baby blankets are my specialty

Gucci or gadget? I’m a total tech nerd.  Give me an iPhone any day. But a Gucci iPhone case would be nice…

Number One passion: Life with husband (ok, and the dog)

Number Two passion: Teaching business owners the real truth about capturing the heart of the female customer

There’s a lot you can’t tell about a woman by just looking at her, which accounts for the failure of the majority of marketing-to-women strategies and advertising campaigns out there today.

To really capture the heart of a female customer, you have to get to know her from the inside out, and learn to speak the right language that will persuade her to do business with you.  It’s all about human behavior, which lies at the heart of everything Michele Miller teaches.

As a partner in the Wizard of Ads consulting firm, Michele maintains a powerful roster of dynamic businesses across North America, ranging from small businesses to major brands like Best Buy and Timberland.

Michele maintains a busy schedule as an international speaker, with keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops on capturing the heart of the female consumer.

Michele is the author of “The Soccer Mom Myth” (Wizard Academy Press), a “Top 20” marketing books list seller on, and “The Natural Advantages of Women,” the audio book that has been hailed for its concepts, principles, and new scientific information that explains how the female brain is “hardwired” for personal greatness.”

Her blog on female consumers, WonderBranding, has won awards from Marketing Sherpa and, and was featured in Seth Godin’s e-book, “Bull Marketing.” Michele is the marketing columnist for, the web companion to Inc. business magazine.

Michele Miller has been an avid student of human behavior for nearly 30 years.  A classical musician by training, she also holds degrees in education and business administration. She has worked for companies as small as Diapers Unlimited delivery service (where she discovered the true meaning of customer service and loyalty) and as large as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and Sirius Satellite Radio. She also devoted seven years to growing her own public relations firm in New York, with such clients ranging from major record labels to the “Live From Lincoln Center” television series.

She resides with her husband, composer Ron Nelson, in Arizona.

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