What’s Preventing YOU from Walking the Walk?

Apple DisplaySome years ago, a PC enthusiast stormed out of my workshop when he objected to the Apple Computer case study I was presenting. Evidently, praising Apple was too much for this poor soul to bear.

That said, I realize and appreciate that Apple is a polarizing brand. So let me first begin by warning you …

I’m about to heap even more praise on Apple. So if you’re like PC guy — and you’re absolutely certain that reading one more glowing word about Apple’s “well-oiled” marketing machine will make you go bonkers — well, now’s probably a good time for you to bail.

So here we go …

Yesterday, I swung by my local Apple store to check out the new MacBook Pro (yes, the one with the cool Retina display). While spectacular, it wasn’t the vivid laptop display that blew me away. Nope. What I found most impressive was Apple’s product display.

In the past, Apple’s in-store displays typically included paper/plastic placards that were neatly placed beside each product. These information cards simply listed key product features.

Nothing special, right?

Well, as of last year, Apple smartly replaced all of its paper/plastic placards with an interactive iPad. Yes, an actual iPad.

Each iPad is programmed to list the features of the Apple product on display (the screen looks similar to the product section of the company’s website). Simply tap to compare models, view a detailed list of product features, or — best of all — send a request to have a nearby Apple representative assist you.

Why is this important to you?

Because Apple is walking the walk … and you should do the same.

See, Apple’s not about paper and plastic signage. Apple’s about technology. Specifically, leveraging exciting new technology that deepens your life in some meaningful way.

By replacing its one-dimensional placards with interactive iPads, Apple is demonstrating the value of the iPad, while simultaneously giving you a surprising yet practical application of its tablet. What’s more, the company deepens your understanding and appreciation for its products, thereby raising the company’s Personal Experience Factor.

Now, the fact that you don’t have a fraction of the marketing muscle and pizzazz of Apple shouldn’t prevent YOU from walking the walk.

Are you a kitchen and bath remodeler? Then how can you build a spectacular product showroom that’ll put Home Depot and Lowe’s to shame?

Maybe you’re a personal trainer. If so, do you take the same approach to health and fitness as you advise your clients?

Are you a clothing retailer? Tell me … do you wear the same brand and style of clothing that you sell in your store?

This one was big for me when I owned my retail workwear shop. Even though I wasn’t a tradesman, I still wore the same style of boots that I sold to customers. It sent a powerful message.

Flashy as Apple? No. But I promise you, my customers noticed. And this single approach to walking the walk helped me sell a ton of work boots over the years.

So, as you see, there’s every reason for you to do the same with your business.

Share your thoughts below on how you plan to “walk the walk.”

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  1. Dave Young says:

    I love it. The grungy little hipster coffee shop down the street is using an iPad for the POS system. It’s cool. The pierced and tatted barrista just does a little tap-tap-tap, turns it around and let’s the customer run their card through the attached reader, sign with their finger and it’s done. Everything else in the shop is old-school and analog, from the mugs to the sofas and the menus. But they are using technology right, making it easy for the customers.

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