How Nature’s Recipes Can Solve Your Marketing Problems – Part 2

Examples of honest signaling in Main Street business:

Michele recently wrote about Appelt’s Diamonds and its “Rock Solid Diamond Warranty,” which eliminates any and all customer objections to buying a diamond.

Warranties and guarantees are unquestionably the most common examples of honest signals in marketing today.

Here’s how Appelt’s warranty works: If your diamond chips, cracks, or is lost during the lifetime of the piece, Appelt’s will replace it with a diamond of equal or greater value for FREE.

So let’s take a closer look at the strength of Appelt’s signal:

1.) Relevancy … check! Any guy spending a substantial amount of moola on a diamond for the love of his life wants to make sure it will forever shine as bright as the day he bought it for her.

2.) Boldness … check! This is not some limp, conditional warranty. Not at all. Appelt’s will replace the whole enchilada — risking a ton with its unconditional warranty. In other words, Appelt’s signal reverberates with believability.

3.) Distinctiveness … check! No other competitor has the courage to match Appelt’s warranty.

4.) Affordability … check! Appelt’s BUDGETS for the signal. Meaning, the company is fully aware that it will occasionally need to replace a diamond. That said, Appelt’s builds this cost into its marketing budget.

How about another example?
Saddleback Leather CompanySaddleback Leather Company brazenly dares you to compare the quality of its bags with those made by its closest competitors. Saddleback’s website even makes it easy for you to compare by providing links to 14 rival bag companies, including Coach, Swaine Adeney Brigg, and Louis Vuitton. By sending such a bold signal of confidence, Saddleback Leather’s power statement of manufacturing the world’s most durable bags brims with believability.

See how sending honest signals can help your business stand out from the crowd? Even better, see how these signals can help your message cut through the advertising clutter?

Now go send some honest signals to your customers, and listen to the cash register sing.

Want even more details on how to send honest signals?

Read my book, Currencies That Buy Credibility and get all the nitty-gritty details.

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