Marketing Quick Take Q&A: Should You Sell Your Business? Part 3

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the final episode in our three-part series called, “Should I Sell My Business?”

In this wrap-up, I just want to talk briefly about possibilities; the possibilities that exist for you out there in the great world beyond your everyday life.

In his original email to us, Greg Taylor talked of selling his successful power sports business but he’s apprehensive, saying he’s 54 years old.

Greg: You’re 54.  You’re just getting started!  In this day and age, 54 is on the young end of middle age.  And if you make the right choices for good health – physical and mental – you have another lifetime in front of you.

Stop thinking about age as a number and start thinking about possibilities.

A recent poll conducted by Merrill Lynch and the Harris Group showed that only 7 percent of people age 55 are looking to completely retire from working.  Forty three percent say they see retirement as a combination of work and leisure.  And a full 50 percent say they are looking forward to trying out the career they always dreamed of or starting a whole new business.

If you feel your passion lies elsewhere, start exploring ideas that get you charged up and make the day fly by.  Look at the practicalities of how you can transition, such as financial needs, and then start planning for your next adventure in the business world.  A comprehensive planning phase will be the proof in the pudding as to whether or not you’re ready and willing to start something new.

So there you have it – passion, practicalities, and possibilities.  It’s a world of global opportunity and life balance.  Which will you choose?

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