Marketing Quick Take Q&A: Fearing Social Media

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Hi, I’m Tom Wanek. Welcome to WonderBranding’s Marketing Quick Take Q&A, where we answer your specific questions about marketing and advertising.

Today’s question comes from WonderBranding reader, Duane Christensen … Duane says:

“I’ve been pondering this comment a local lawn fertilizing client of mine told me the other day.

He said something like, “We don’t do social media because even though we may take the utmost care in providing great service and products to our customers, mother nature may have a different plan for their lawn. Or they forget to water through a month-long drought. And then they’ll complain to us publicly on Facebook that we suck or something.”

Personally, I feel he’s just paranoid and is a bit of a control-freak.

I feel that every business using social media, potentially has that to deal with.

What advice would you give?”

First, let me say that your client’s fear is understandable. We sometimes fear that which we cannot control … and – unlike mass media advertising – we have little control over social conversations.

But we can choose to participate in them.

You’re client should look at it this way: Would you prefer that these conversations … conversations about your business – occur without you? What’s more, what does your absence say to your prospect?

Duane, I recommend your client takes the same approach he would take when he speaks to his customers face-to-face. In other words, what would he say to a customer who is upset about the condition of their lawn, despite the fact that this person neglected to water it properly?

I trust your client would handle this crucial conversation with complete grace. And I predict others will be impressed by his professionalism.

It’s also worth mentioning that social media is a terrific place to share tips and techniques with customers. Doing so will transfer confidence and demonstrate the value your client brings to the table.

That said, I want to make sure your client has the right expectations about social media.

Social media – while sexy and powerful – is not a panacea for a broken business … a business that lacks a solid strategy. Social media works best as a tool to deepen relationships, and it’s unrealistic to expect for it to be a substantial traffic-builder for your business. Here, traditional mass media is still your best bet.

Duane, I really appreciate you sending us your question. Thanks a bunch.

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I’m Tom Wanek … keep moving the sales curve upward.

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