Welcome to the New WonderBranding

One month ago, WonderBranding marked its eighth anniversary.  Eight years of writing, analyzing, laughing at – and sometimes crying over – many things having to do with marketing to women.

Thanks to WonderBranding, opportunities, connections, and work have taken me around the globe, allowing me to share my knowledge about the female customer with many citizens of the world.  A number of readers have become personal and professional friends, and I’ve grown in ways I could never have imagined just eight short years ago.

Now, it’s time for WonderBranding to do some growing as well.

Don’t worry.  For those of you who are interested, we’ll continue to explore the world of the female customer and how to tap into this mainstream market.

But it’s time to expand our horizons; to show the world how many of the methodologies born here at WonderBranding can be utilized to capture the hearts of all customers, no matter the gender.

Beginning today, WonderBranding opens its doors just a little wider.

Our new philosophy is, “Business Building Principles For Main Street Business Owners.” We’ll be writing for and speaking to marketers of all kinds – marketing department personnel, entrepreneurs, and owners/managers of Main Street businesses.

In the “getting off on the right foot” department, I am proud to announce the addition of Tom Wanek as my co-editor for WonderBranding.  Many of you know Tom from his popular blog, Marketing Beyond Advertising, and his book, Currencies That Buy Credibility.

Tom has agreed to join me here so that, as a team, we can provide you with a powerhouse of a blog that will help you grow your business exponentially.  You will find all of his previous articles here on this site and together we’ll be creating new posts and videos to teach you how to grow your business and help with challenges of all sizes.

For that, we’re going to need your help.

What questions do you have for us? What challenges are you facing that we can help you with?  We want to hear from you.  Write an email, post a comment below, or (even better) turn on your web cam and tape yourself telling us about your situation and/or asking your question.  No question is too simple – if you have a legitimate concern, we’ll do our best to give you our best answer.  We want to feature as many WonderBranding fans as possible on this site, knowing that if you have a question, there are at least twenty other people out there pondering the same thing.

Tom and I are excited to usher in this new era of WonderBranding.  We look forward to growing this community of committed business thinkers, and are happy you’ll be joining us.



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  1. Phil Wrzesinski says:


    My biggest challenge is trying to figure out when a slow-down in business is simply the economy, something we are doing internally, or a fundamental shift in our market/industry.  The three issues require vastly different strategies to combat them and choosing wrong can be disastrous (see Borders).

    I don’t know if that is anything you will address, but I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you have of signs leading one way or another.

  2. TWanek says:

    Terrific question, Phil. I’ve got some ideas on how you can tackle this, but I’ll put more thought into it in the upcoming days, get Michele’s thoughts, and write a blog post about it. Thanks for sharing!


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