Strategic Questions #6 & 7: What is the felt need of your customer that you are willing and able to meet?

(This post is a continuation of our detailed look into the 13 strategic marketing questions that every marketer must answer.)

What is the felt need of your customer that you are willing and able to meet?

Marketing Felt NeedPersuasive communication demands relevancy. Which means your marketing message must communicate an idea, feeling or outcome that the customer truly cares about.

And here’s what is critical: Your message should not revolve around you or your company. It should focus on the customer. Specifically, your marketing message must explain what your product or service will do for the customer. Get this part wrong and nothing else matters.

So what is the felt need of your customer?

Unsure where to begin?

Start by uncovering those questions customers ask most often about your business, products or services. These frequently asked questions will also clue you in on any uncertainty customers might have about buying from you.

But don’t grapple with this question all on your own. Tap into the knowledge and experience of your front-line employees. Staff members in direct, daily contact with your customers will likely provide an eye-opening perspective and move you imminently closer to uncovering your customer’s felt need.

Still, the search for your customer’s true motivation to buy might elude you or otherwise lie off the beaten path. In this case, look beyond the customer’s logical need and zero in on a dominant, driving emotion.

Consider that a car buyer doesn’t purchase a BMW simply as a means of transportation. No, a used Honda Civic sufficiently gets you around town. BMW has become a status symbol. And the motivation to buy the “Ultimate Driving Machine ®” – the customer’s felt need – comes from the desire to signal one’s wealth or success.

Now once you’ve identified the customer’s felt need, you must determine if it is a need your company is willing and able to meet.

This part is critical. If you cannot walk the walk, there will be a disconnect between what you are saying in your advertising and who you are being when the customer walks through your door. And nothing will erode your credibility faster. In this case, it’s best to redirect your resources.

So, can you clearly state the heart, soul, desire or fear of YOUR customer?

Because until you can, you will be unable to persuade them to buy from you.

TAKE ACTION: Uncover your customer’s dominant felt need that will cause her to buy your product or service.

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