Strategic Question #4: What unleveraged assets do you own?

(This post is a continuation of our detailed look into the 13 strategic marketing questions that every marketer must answer.)

What unleveraged assets do you own?

Unleveraged AssetsUnleveraged assets are the stories, abilities, relationships, products and services in your company that have not previously been positioned for maximum effect. And every business has some assets that are going unleveraged. I promise you.

For this reason, your marketing message is a story half told. Not good. Worse than that, not profitable.

In short, you’re leaving money on the table when you overlook assets such as:

  • Inside champions who are willing to tout the virtues of your products or services
  • Exclusive product offerings
  • Your company’s history
  • Specialized skill-sets
  • Unused retail or office space
  • Relationships or partnerships
  • Convenient location or hours-of-operation

No, I’m not suggesting that every asset you own is worth weaving into your marketing message. Nonsense. I’m only suggesting that you consistently scour your business for the occasional jewel that will help you sell more product.

Hey, you’re focused and attentive, so every asset you own is wisely invested, right?

Yes, a focused and attentive business owner is able to juggle a mind-boggling number of details.

But your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. That’s why I’m convinced that intense focus and familiarity creates a blind-spot, which causes you to take your unique gifts and abilities for granted. In other words, a natural distortion occurs, and things that seem unremarkable from your perspective, look astonishingly extraordinary from your customer’s viewpoint.

For example, several times during the past year, I’ve met with a business owner who created online promotional and instructional video for his services. Yet, each time, the video was buried somewhere on the company website — sometimes three to four pages deep.

My suggestion: When you’ve got it, flaunt it. Place those videos smack-dab on the homepage of your website. Seems like such an simple thing to do, but not when you’re suffering from a blind-spot as insidious as familiarity.

Look at it this way: You must get credit for everything that makes you remarkable. Are you?

TAKE ACTION: Uncover the unleveraged assets that your company owns. Consider how you can weave those assets into your marketing message for maximum effect.

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  1. Mike says:

    it’s kind of funny how often business owners think they can rely on advertising to make sales and loose focus on implementing and maintaining their core fundamental selling proposition. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Tom Wanek says:

    Hi, Mike. You’re welcome. Yes, you’re right. Core fundamentals — strategy — must always come before tactics. I believe part of the reason some business owners focus on advertising is because it’s more tangible for them… it’s the sexy part of marketing.

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