How The Girl Scouts Are Forcing You To Buy Cookies… And Make You Like It

The other day, I approached my favorite local grocer and spotted a table placed strategically between the entrance and exit doors.  I could see four young girls with two mothers, and a dozen cardboard cartons.

That’s right.  It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time.

Now, who can resist the coconutty yumminess of Samoas, or the refreshing, chocolately goodness of Thin Mints, not to mention the rest of the flavorful bunch?

As it turns out, more and more people are trying to, because of dietary concerns or health issues.

But the Girl Scouts have come up with an absolutely beautiful methodology for overcoming objections to purchase.

This is what I overheard:

“Would you like to buy a box or two of Girl Scout cookies?”

“No.  My husband and I are on a diet.”

“Okay.  Well, guess what?  You can still buy a box and donate it to our troops overseas.  How would you like to buy a box for our soldiers?”

These Girl Scouts are smooooooooooth.

This is a terrific example of thinking beyond your organization in order to overcome objections and make the sale.

I bought two boxes of Thin Mints.  One box is headed overseas as I write.  The other?  I can’t tell you, because if my husband finds out where I hid them, they’ll be gone in five minutes.

By the way, these Girl Scouts are increasingly tech savvy. Check out this website for the NorCal Girl Scouts – they’ve created the “Free Cookie Mobile Locator App” for your Android or iPhone.  Cookies on demand, no pre-ordering necessary.

You, my friend, are doomed.

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12 Responses to “How The Girl Scouts Are Forcing You To Buy Cookies… And Make You Like It”

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  1. Kelly Watson says:

    I hope that these experiences are making girls feel empowered to succeed at sales and marketing. Did you see the video on girl scouts sales training from the Wall Street Journal?

  2. Angi says:

    You don’t need an app to find the cookies. The cookies will find you…

  3. cranky pants says:

    I find it annoying to be assaulted continuously at the front door of the grocery. If it ain’t the little ones in green, it’s every other darn cause. And that troops overseas crap is lame when one thinks a little critically about statements of the religion of nationalism.

  4. Rick Henkin says:

    Gotta love ’em both, the Girl Scouts and the cookies.

  5. When I was a girl scout (20 yrs ago), they had us also at the entrance and exit of the store, selling these cookies. Honestly these cookies sell themselves. As a girl scout you did whatever it took to sell these cookies, so your Troup could win the grand prize. The carrot and sticks approach still works even at a young age.

  6. Evelyn Beltran says:

    Tonight as I arrived at the supermarket I noticed the Girls Scout girls park outside both the entrances. I actually bought two boxes because they were tell people it was the last day to sell the cookies. I knew the amount I wanted to buy but the girls kept insisting I buy twelve boxes. They said some people freeze them and take out one everyone month for their families. Our girls are definitely getting a good foundation in Sales!

  7. Jeff Madsen says:

    What a great article! My wife and I had a good belly laugh at the picture and caption off to the right! The world is a better place for having Girl Scouts and Girl Scout cookies in it. Bah Humbug to you scrooges!

  8. Roy H. Williams says:

    Michele, you’ve always had an exceptional wit but this Girl Scout short is hilarious.

  9. sam says:

    When I was a girl scout we would be at the entrance of every store you could think of and even though it upset me that people didn’t stop to buy cookies, I could see how much of a hurry they were in

  10. Joe Franklin says:

    Cheers to the Girl Scouts of America for their innovation in marketing, even as they remain a grass roots institution. We want to support them because they’ve been so consistent over the years. And diet or not, I cannot resist the thin mints. Next time I see them I’ll buy two boxes for me and two for the troops!

  11. Katie Martin says:

    Everyone I know is so obsessed with getting their Girl Scout cookies right now. I’m pretty lucky that I am out of touch in a tropical environment so I have completely avoided the bombardment that is Girl Scout cookie sales. I had not heard of their new donating a box to the troops strategy- that IS a good one for catching the people who have hearts too big to resist, even if their stomachs do. It is pretty amazing how well known and beloved Girl Scout cookies have become.
    Have you seen that people have figured out recipes so that you can make your own versions of Samoas or Thin Mints? I saw them on Pinterest and am going to try them soon, because I surely cannot afford $4 for a tiny box of cookies.

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