Friday Fun: Meet Biscuit, WonderDog in Training

Those of who who’ve been reading WonderBranding for awhile, or who have attended one of my presentations, are familiar by now with my faithful companion, Penny the WonderDog.

She is always at my side (or in the backseat of the car), protecting me from smarmy marketing schemes.  And from time to time, with the raise of a front paw and a tail pointed straight out, she makes known those businesses and marketers who are doing remarkable things to capture the heart of the female customer.

Since WonderDog has had to carry the burden lo these many years, we have brought in a new member of the WonderBranding team to train as her able assistant.  To be the Robin to WonderDog’s Batman, if you will.

Introducing Biscuit – our spunky firecracker of a Labradoodle who is already deep in training for her mission.  Penny is making sure of it.

Watch and enjoy – happy weekend, everyone!

Biscuit Training Video from Michele Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. That is the cutest dog in history. I would be helpless in her presence.

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