Hot Gossip: Dove To Dump “Real Beauty” Campaign

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There was one quiet item in the news out of London this morning, with MarketingWeek reporting that Dove has ordered its ad agency, Ogilvy, to dump the highly successful “Real Beauty” campaign for something “less preachy.” Rumor has it that the new campaign, still under wraps with the code name “Darwin,” is aimed away from […] Read more »

The Persuasive Power of Emotions

Features and benefits — the nuts and bolts of marketing — are a piece of cake, right? Well, maybe not. First, answer this: Are you tapping into an emotional benefit that drives your customer’s desire — one that your customer is willing to pay for? Anger and fear… joy and sadness… trust and disgust… anticipation […] Read more »

Strategic Question #3: What Are Your Company’s Core Values?

(This post is a continuation of our detailed look into the 13 strategic marketing questions that every marketer must answer.) What Are Your Company’s Core Values? Every successful brand is built upon a backbone of core values; those principles that you stand for, and oppose. And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that your business is […] Read more »

How Under Armour’s Marketing to Women Strategy Annihilates the “Shrink It and Pink It” Myth

Prevailing wisdom, for more than a decade, has sold business owners a marketing to women magic elixir dubbed “Shrink It and Pink It.” Seems pretty enticing. Probably works like gangbusters, right? Baloney. Prevailing wisdom is wrong… Shrink It and Pink It is pure crappola. And anyone who believes that this strategy is the path to […] Read more »

I Hate Miracle Whip… But I Love This Ad

In this post, I’ll deconstruct Miracle Whip’s “Take a Side” ad, explaining why its one of the best ads I’ve seen in awhile. First Mental Image: “On a scale from one to 10, I HATE Miracle Whip at like 22.” KABOOM! Just like that, you’re captivated by a high-impact, First Mental Image (FMI), which is […] Read more »