The Sure-Fire Method For Making 2011 A Great Year

A new year, a new you.


Many of us have good intentions toward making the new year the best one yet.

We make resolutions.  Create goals.

And that’s a good thing.

I’m a big proponent of “tiny little bits,” and have offered lots of advice about how to divide and conquer your way to achievement.

But as I get older, I’ve found that doing one exercise at the beginning of the year helps me all year long.  It’s little device that keeps me on track, and helps me sleep at night.

It’s my personal acronym for success.

Here’s how it looks for 2011: WEALTH

Work on fiction writing
Tenacity in marketing career
Healthy eating

1)  Work on fiction writing. Joy rains down on me when I can spend time writing stories.  Last year, I was accepted into the Stanford Writer’s Studio and have been at work on a novel.  This is my commitment to a future, permanent phase of my life, and I’m putting in the time now to get me where I eventually want to be.  That means sitting my butt in the chair every single day to work on the book.

2)  Exercise. Pretty self-explanatory.  Walking the dog twice a day (perfect time for meditation) and a minimum of 30 minutes a day on some kind of exercise that will keep me as fit as possible for the years to come.

3)  Awareness. Taking cues from the Dali Lama, being more and more aware of the things that surround me and touch my life.  Before taking a bite of my breakfast in the morning, meditating for a moment on all it took to get it on my table – right down to the planting of the seed that ends up as the strawberry in my bowl.

4)  Love. For family, friends, and colleagues.

5)  Tenacity in marketing career. Caring for clients, students, and blog readers in ways that will help them experience success, and will place me as the “go-to” advisor through books, presentations, and workshops.

6)  Healthy eating. Less refined, more whole foods.  (Why, oh why, can’t chocolate be part of the food pyramid?)

Each morning, while walking the dog, I review my acronym to see if I will cover each of my intentions on that day.  This way, I can start out feeling that my day (and life) will be balanced.

Each evening, I review the acronym in my mind and weigh it against what I accomplished.

  • Did I work on my fiction writing, even if it was scribbling for 15 minutes while waiting for the dentist?
  • Did I get some exercise in?
  • Did I take one moment during the day and work on my awareness of the present moment?
  • Did I spread some genuine love around?  Drop an email to an old friend?  Check in on the neighbor who just lost her husband?
  • Did I touch my marketing career in a way that not only helps me, but helps others?
  • Did I refrain from eating too many chocolate chip cookies?

If I can say to myself that yes, I did something in each category that day that made a difference, I can tell the rest of the world to go to hell and can sleep well at night.

Try this exercise yourself. What acronym can you come up with, and what would the letters stand for?  I’d love to see what you come up with.  Put your acronym in the comments below with a brief explanation, and you could win a FREE copy of my new book (out today!), Unzipped: A Portable Guide to the Anatomy of the Female Customer.

Here’s to a fantastic 2011.

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  1. Mary Schmidt says:

    Love it, and I’m stealing it. In my case, the “W” is work on creative writing (essays, humor, observations.)

  2. Here’s my acronym, Michele: PRIDE – the P is for pets – spend more time with my pets. They make me happy and they’re good for my health. The R is for rest and relaxation, something it’s good to have in your life on a daily basis. I’m a big nap person. the I is for inspiration – a daily inspirational thought sparks creativity for me. And, it makes me grateful for the good things in my life. The D stands for “do”… as Yoda says, “There is no ‘try’ only do.” I believe in doing, as much as possible. And the E stands for exercise – exercise the body by walking the dogs, exercise the brain by reading Wonderbranding!

  3. Here we go:

    Play. As a creative, it’s vital to my work.
    Read. Also vital to my mental stimulation.
    Engage. With others more. Kind of introverted.
    Give. I’ve been given much. I should give more.
    Nothing I need starts with “N”
    Attend to my family. They’re vital to my sanity.
    Nope, still nothing for “N”
    Think. Think it through, think it over, think about it in a different light. Think about it from another’s point of view. Think. Always think.

    Wow, it’s really tough for a guy to get PREGNANT. Doggone N’s. Let’s try this one.

    Prioritize. Remember what’s really important.
    Listen. Learning will follow.
    Attend to my family. They still keep me sane.
    Yes. Say it more to new things and be enriched.

    Yup. PLAY is vital to my work.


  4. Bili Ashale says:

    Brave : Do something brave and out of the ordinary
    Educate: Spend at least an hour reading and learning
    Attitude: Work on improving your attitude towards
    Up: Get up at 6 am everyday
    Tally: Keep a record on your faults/improvements daily
    Infuse: Infuse my life with creativity. Paint, read, get that guitar, watch a classic movie, finish the Chinese lessons
    Find: Find God, spend more time seeking God
    Uplift: Stay positive and focused, uplift those around me
    Laugh: Laugh and make others laugh


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