How You Can Get A Copy of My New Book for 99 Cents

Unzipped:  A Portable Guide To the Anatomy of the Female Customer was officially released January 3rd.


You can read all about it on the Books and Videos page.

If you’d like the softcover version, it will only cost you $15.95.

But you can also get it on Amazon for 99 cents.

You just have to have a Kindle, iPad, or iPhone.

The e-book version is my gift to you – sort of.

Why 99 cents? Well, I wanted to give it away for free.  But Amazon requires a minimum of 99 cents to sell any e-book for the Kindle.  And I want to make it fair across the board, no matter what e-book reader you own.

Give it a whirl.  I think once you’ve finished reading it, you’re going to want the softcover version (hopefully, multiple copies) for your staff and colleagues.

Check it all out (including download of sample chapters) on the Books and Video page.

Happy reading!

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  1. Itching to get started on it, Michele. A big congrats on making it happen. And for giving me a tool to give my clients (rather than being a tool to my clients).


  2. Bruce fryer says:

    My friend Mary said this book is the bomb. She is correct. An extra bonus of an ebook is you can link directly to your website. But alas your link for “Quick Visual Check” is broken . Guess this poor male will just have to muddle through…..

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words, Bruce. I’m sorry that the link didn’t work for you. I’ll email the PDF directly to you.


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