How Jeff Sexton Will Change Your Thinking About Advertising

I’ll be in Austin this week to teach the new version of Unzipped, the two-day course at Wizard Academy.

For those of you who can’t make it, I’m about to recommend a blog post which will rev your brain and will probably take a week to absorb. (Wouldn’t want you feeling bored while I’m gone.)

Jeff Sexton, a partner in the Wizard of Ads consulting firm, is a phenomenal writer and one of those thinkers who makes you tilt your head like the family dog in trying to understand where all this genius comes from.

His newest post, New School Branding Lessons From An Old School Great, is a must-read.  He explores the evolution of advertising in a way that makes you aware that terms like “social media” and “brand touch points” are simply old wine in a new bottle.  Pulling from the experts and analyzing campaigns like Saturn, Got Milk, and Avis, Jeff gives his own unique take on what still makes us “tribal people.”

Give it a read. Watch the videos.  Then be sure to subscribe to Jeff’s blog to get the next latest and greatest.

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