5 Quick Ways To Market Your Business On Facebook

Any business can create a Facebook page.

It’s how you work the page that strengthens the relationship with customers.

Let’s say you’ve created a Facebook page for your business, but now you don’t know what to do with it.

Here are 5 basic elements you can use over and over, that will build exposure for your business, create dialogue between you and the consumer, and connect customers with each other:

1) Ask questions.  Once or twice a week, post an question that is relevant to your business, and interesting to your customers.

Have you tried meditation? Was it relaxing? Was it hard to relax? What worked for you to keep yourself in the present? (Naturopathica Skin Care)

How have you or your child accessorized their Strider? (Strider Running Bikes)

2)  Let your fans ask questions. Once in awhile, put up a post encouraging your fans to ask questions and/or request help.  It builds trust between you and your fans, encourages dialogue, and places you as the expert in your field.  It also creates conversations between customers and builds community (take a look at Pandora Jewelry’s page – wow!).

3)  Post videos. You don’t need a fancy video set-up – a simple Flip camera or your iPhone camera will do.  Post a short video (no more than two minutes) on a topic relevant to your business – one that will educate the customer.  They’re fun, easy, and add a new dimension of personality to your business (check out WiseGrass for some great examples)

4)  Hold contests. Get your fans involved in posting photos or videos according to a topic you decide in advance.  Own a home/office organization company?  Hold a “messiest closet” contest (winner gets two free hours of organization help).  Run a bookstore?  Have fans list their “desert island” book list (best one wins a gift card to the store).

5)  Last, but not least, offer discounts and special events for Facebook friends only. Give them a “secret password” to use at the counter for an extra 20% off.  Invite them to a special cocktail hour with a renowned author.  At least once a month, offer your fans something that is only for them.  Once they catch on, word-of-mouth will spread and your fan base will grow exponentially.

Facebook is free and it’s a tool you should be using everyday. If you take these 5 ideas and rotate them on a regular basis, you may never need another Facebook idea again.

How are you using Facebook?  Share in the comments below!

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  1. Excellent article and reminder to anyone doing any type of social media marketing.

  2. It is actually now against the rules of Facebook to run a contest on your wall. They can delete your post or suspend your account. You can only have a contest run through one of the tabs on the page. Look up promotions on Facebook for all the rules.

  3. Thank you for that information, Patrick. It’s very helpful!

  4. WiseGrass is a dork.

  5. Michele Miller says:

    Paul, how could you say such a thing about a person who is obviously a genius at marketing? :-)

  6. There are some great approved 3rd party apps out there that make it cheap, quick, and easy to run contests on FB (and I’m not affiliated with any of them!). We are running a contest using Woobox right now (http://woobox.com/q63kt4). Another one to check out is Wildfire.

  7. Michele Miller says:

    Thanks for the hook-ups, Michael. This information will not only be good for readers, but good for my clients as well!

  8. Zsa Zsa says:

    Great tips Michele, I think this about covers the most important things one should do with a Facebook page to get the most out of it. I think we’re progressing well on our Facebook efforts. Everyday we learn from our audience/fans — they tell us what they want/need based on the responses we get from the posts we share. :)


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