Early Friday Fun: The Female Language Translator

Thought I’d send a little early “Friday Fun” video your way.

My Wizard of Ads partner Dave Young sent this to me, saying he thinks I could make a million bucks off of this product if I sell it on my blog.

Introducing:  THE MANSLATER: The female language translating tool.

Guys:  Thanks to the new “FemLogic” chip, you, too, can now figure out what in heck she really means when she says something.

And we haven’t forgotten you either, ladies… the video includes a version just for you.

SCROLL DOWN to watch this latest bit of wit and enjoy.

Happy viewing… and happy weekend!

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3 Responses to “Early Friday Fun: The Female Language Translator”

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  1. rick copper says:

    But I liked the Notebook – only because Rachel McAdams is smoking hot.

  2. Angi Harper says:

    Oh, you need to come up with an optional software that will offer phrases the man can say to get what they want. Or at least get them out of seeing The Notebook. And why do I suddenly want cookies?

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