Monday Morning Marketing Quote: Easing The Burden Of Choice

Are you suffocating your customers with choice?

This week’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote discusses how you can ease the burden of choice to drive more sales. Our quote comes from the brilliant Sheena Iyengar and her book, The Art of Choosing. (affiliate link)

“People often refer to the Long Tail as evidence that we’re not overwhelmed even when faced with millions of options. But we see this effect only for items that are clearly different from one another, like books or songs, not to mention that consumers can amass thousands of such choices over the course of their lives. When one alternative is not easily distinguishable from another, and when the goal is to find the single best item — who needs a library of flossing options? — more choice isn’t as useful or as attractive anymore. It simply creates noise, hampering our ability to focus.”
– Sheena Iyengar


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