“Sesame Street” Takes On The Old Spice Guy

You know you’ve made it when “Sesame Street” creates a parody of homage to you.

Here’s their take on the Old Spice Guy commercial, featuring the always lovable, grammatically-challenged Grover.

Don’t you think this is the way we should start every Monday?

I’m off to take care of some business travel and slaying of dragons till the weekend – have a great week!

(Hat tip to Tim Miles over at The Daily Blur for the video)

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  1. Renee Malove says:

    This is hysterical! I’m not sure whether to be beyond impressed or shocked that Old Spice isn’t suing them for copyright infringement. This was a clever way to hook parents while still entertaining kids, since they know the parents will stop and watch if they happen to pass by this while they’re channel surfing. Absolutely amazing.


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