Monday Morning Marketing Quote: Boosting The Imagination Of Your Customer

What steps are you taking to help your customers imagine what it’s like to own your products or services?

Today’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote discusses the role of forward planning in decision making, and comes from Everett M. Rogers and his book, Diffusion of Innovations.

“In developing a favorable or unfavorable attitude toward an innovation, an individual may mentally apply the new idea to his or her present or anticipated future situation before deciding whether or not to try it. This vicarious trial involves the ability to think hypothetically and counterfactually and to project into the future: What if I adopt this innovation? Forward planning is involved at the persuasion stage.” – Everett M. Rogers

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  1. Dennis Collins says:

    Very provocative and insightful post, Tom. I wonder how this applies to my favorite topic: training. How do we get employees to apply that “hypothetical and counterfactual” new information, that new idea, in our efforts to help them improve their performance? I’ve always liked role plays. Get them to do it, not just to know it or talk about it. How else can we get staff to mentally apply a new idea to their situation? Any thoughts?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Tom,

    Great quote and great list of ideas. Just wanted to stress the “Forward Planning” element of the quote when it comes to product description, meaning that it’s not enough to describe the product, you also have to describe the impact the product will make over time while bringing the prospect into the bright happy future in his mind’s eye. I wrote about his not too long ago, if anyone is interested:

    Merlin’s Magic Ccopywriting Technique

    – Jeff

  3. Tom Wanek says:

    Terrific observation, Dennis. Role playing is a perfect way to apply this idea to training. I also recommend making sure staff actually uses the products and services you sell. It gives you a familiarity that cannot be faked.

  4. Tom Wanek says:

    Yes, Jeff thank you for your comments. Brilliant blog post, and I urge everyone to read it.

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