Monday Morning Marketing Quote: Position Your Brand With An Array Of Interlocked Activities

Is your position built on a system of activities, or individual activities? This week’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote is how to correctly position your company, products or services for the long-haul. Our quote comes from the brilliant strategist, and Harvard professor, Michael E. Porter and his book On Competition, Updated and Expanded Edition. “Strategic fit […] Read more »

Ford’s New Lincoln MKX Campaign: For African-American Women Only?


A new ad for the 2011 Lincoln MKX started airing this week, and the press is all agog over the fact that the commercial features African-American women. The bulk of news headlines about the campaign, from The Wall Street Journal to the Detroit News, read something akin to, “Ford Targets African-American Women With New MKX […] Read more »

Small Businesses Whomp The Big Boys At Social Media Marketing


It looks like marketers are getting a handle on how to effectively use social media tools. A new report commissioned by Network Solutions and the University of Maryland identifies a shift in thinking about social media and what kind of business opportunities are available. E-Marketer provides an excellent chart, showing what marketers expected social media […] Read more »

Authors Access Interview

I recently spoke with Irene Watson and Alan E. Smith from Authors Access about the importance of credibility in marketing. Authors Access is chock-full of terrific expert interviews to help you get your book published and noticed. Check it out. Oh, and here’s the link to my interview: Off topic: Listen to my interview […] Read more »

Monday Morning Marketing Quote: How To Write Persuasive Website Copy

Are you writing customer-focused copy? In this Monday Morning Marketing Quote, we discuss the single biggest improvement you can make to your website copy. Our quote comes from Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and Lisa T. Davis and their book, Persuasive Online Copywriting: How to Take Your Words to the Bank. “Are you talking about all […] Read more »