What Dancing In The Movies Teaches You About Marketing To Women

It’s time for a great weekend, everybody!

Need a little something to get you in the mood?

Check out this terrific montage of the most memorable dance moments on film.  It’s sure to get you up and movin’.

Oh.  What does this have to do with marketing to women?

Well, watch the video. 

Note the energy in your soul and the joy in your heart. 

THAT is what your customer should feel like when she does business with you.

(Keep scrolling down to the get the full-size video)

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6 Responses to “What Dancing In The Movies Teaches You About Marketing To Women”

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  1. Peter says:

    Unfortunately Youtube did remove the video.
    Do you have another version of it?

    Kind Regards!

  2. That’s odd, Peter – it’s still playing on my computer when I click on it…

  3. I really enjoyed the assembly, I believe that every client needs this energy, this
    fantasy environment.
    When we talked with women who get involved.

    Congratulations vídeo

  4. Peter says:

    Fun! Thanks for posting, Michele!

  5. Renee Malove says:

    This was an amazing video! I actually had multiple friends on Facebook share it with me before I saw it here. I can’t help feeling that there was a bit of a gap between the posting of this most excellent video and its correlation to marketing to women, however. Lest you be accused of fudging your headlines to justify making us all smile (which, really, you don’t need to justify, we appreciate it anyway) I wanted to share some thoughts.

    1) Women tend to be emotional buyers. Oh, I’m not saying we can’t be objective when the occasion calls for it (like, for example, when I’m haggling with HP about the upgrade for my laptop) but many purchases are made based on emotional value as well as fiscal sense. And women aren’t the only ones. We pay extra for commemorative plates we’ll never eat off of, action figures we’re far too old to play with and CDs of cassette tapes made by groups that have been dead in the water for a very, very long time. In this case, millions of people spent hours of their day watching scenes from movies most of our kids will have never heard of!

    2) Women like purchases that bring a smile to their face of the rest of the day. High energy, high value sales will do wonders to make them end their visit on a high note, which in turn will bring them back. To give you an example, not long ago I walked into my local bookstore and walked back out with a Nutcracker CD in hand and aching ribs from the little girl that had seen the CD and proceeded to spin around the room bumping into everything in sight. Needless to say, I left with the Barbie Nutcracker DVD in hand too, and I can guarantee I’ll be back.

    3) Women like to be interested. I can’t sit at a computer show all day listening to incredibly technical details spoken in monotone by presenters from across the country, and I actually LIKE arguing computer specs with the guys next door from time to time. But show me a full color display with animation that shows off what it can do and I’m happy to stick around and listen to whatever it is that you have to say. Why? Because I’m interested.

  6. You make very good points, Renee, which leads me back to that “Friday Fun” video, where I said, “See how you feel when you watch this? THAT is how your customers should feel.”

    Women are wired for “connection” in many ways, and not just the emotional side of connection. But emotion does play a big role. Not enough businesses understand that.

    Thanks for commenting!

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