Tips On Blogging And Social Media: My Interview With Cheryl Ragsdale

Who is Cheryl Ragsdale?

Harvard graduate, consultant and model; sporting a sparkling wit, and an appetite for mixed martial arts. When Cheryl decided to launch her blog, That Girl Is Funny, in August, 2009, it took her just a few short months to boom its popularity ( maintains an Alexa Top 100,000 ranking).

Yes, Cheryl is that good. You really should get to know her.

That’s why I arm-twisted Cheryl into an interview explaining her views on blogging and social media. After spending time with Cheryl, no one looks at life the same way.

To hear Cheryl’s answers to my questions, please watch her video above.

Q: First, let me say that I love the name of your blog, That Girl Is Funny. How did you come up with the name?

Q: What inspired you to get into blogging and social media?

Q: What frustrates most you about social media?

Q: What challenges do women entrepreneurs face in using social media that might be different from their male counterparts?

Q: Much of what we see in social media is irrelevant noise, adding to our over-communicated society. What are the key factors that help marketers cut through the “social media clutter” and communicate with credibility?

Q: Will you share with my readers one of your best kept secrets for growing blog traffic and popularity?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging and social media, Cheryl!

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