Monday Morning Marketing Quote: How Do You Manage Perceptual Reality?

Does your advertising and marketing take into account that perceptual reality differs from person to person?

In this Monday Morning Marketing Quote, we’ll dive into the mind of your customer to learn how one’s perceptual reality affects your advertising and marketing. Today’s quote is from brilliant scientific researcher and author, Rita Carter and her book, Mapping the Mind.

“By the time we are adults our mental landscapes are so individual that no two of us will see anything in quite the same way. A couple watching the same film, for example, would probably have entirely different patterns of neural activity because each would be cogitating on different aspects of the show and associating what they see with personal thoughts and memories. She might be wondering when the tiresome couple on screen will finally reach their feel-good ending so she can get some dinner; he might be thinking how the heroine’s cute upper lip reminds him of his ex-girlfriend.” – Rita Carter

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  1. Tom, the old 'perception is reality' cliche is sure evident in how each of us individually responds to ANYTHING promotional…which you pointed out via credible source book/author.
    Check out this perception quote I found digging through old files for material for my own blog:

    “You see what you believe is there, and you see it there because you want it there. Perception has no other law than this. The rest but stems from this, to hold it up and offer it support. This is perception’s form…Perception rests on choosing; knowledge does not.”

    –Dr. Helen Schucman, A Course in Miracles, 3rd Ed., p. 523-24

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