Esurance’s New Ad Campaign: Pushing All The Right Buttons

After what seems like the interminable existence of animated ads featuring Erin Esurance (what’s it been – twenty, thirty years?), the company made a major brand identity shift this summer and has finally hit its groove.

Thanks to the work of San Francisco-based Duncan/Channon agency, creativity and persuasion have come together in a rare pas de deux.

D/C took the time to really get to know and its strengths, then distilled them down into one strong, pointed message:

“Technology When You Want It… People When You Don’t.”

Sound familiar?

Below are three randomly picked ads from the series.  Viewers sense the distinct personalities of the “tech” department vs. the “people department,” both working toward the same end goal for one company.

The final message to the consumer is that there are some amazing tools on the website for you to use, but you can ALWAYS call their 24/7 support line to talk to a real person.

Strong messaging, creatively delivered.  You don’t see much of that these days.  I’m looking forward to watching Esurance’s revenue numbers climb over the next year.

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  1. Rick Henkin says:

    Those really are great ads. They get the point across quickly and in a clever manner. With respect to the post linked to by “Sound Familiar” above, believe me, men as well as women would benefit by being able to easily call and speak to a human being as well.

    I guess it goes to illustrate the point made by Bridget Brennan in “Why She Buys” that women are the gold standard for design. “At some level, if you could design things that women want, everyone would want them.”

    I think that applies to websites as well as physical products.

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