What Steps Are You Taking To Safeguard Your Company’s Reputation?

You just might want to think twice about posting that negative review the next time you find yourself having an unpleasant hotel stay. Well, at least wait until you’ve checked out of the dump. USA Today recently reported that a British couple was booted from their room at the Golden Beach Hotel in Blackpool England, […] Read more »

Monday Morning Marketing Quote: Metaphor Is Pervasive

Are you doing enough to strengthen your marketing message through the use of metaphor? Today’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote explains the importance of metaphor in marketing, and comes from George Lakoff and Mark Johnson and their book, Metaphors We Live By (Amazon affiliate link). “Moreover, metaphor is typically viewed as characteristic of language alone, a […] Read more »

13 Questions to Answer Before Advertising

I get all jazzed up just thinking about marketing strategy. No doubt about it. In fact, there’s no better way to kick-start my workday than to craft a strategy for a new client. But I suspect that most small business owners don’t share my strategy addiction. Rather, they prefer to focus on advertising tactics. Here’s […] Read more »

Monday Morning Marketing Quote: How To Create A Verbal Palette

Today’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote gives you a quick tip to jazz up your ad copywriting. Barbara DeMarco-Barrett helps set the stage with a quote from her book, Pen on Fire: A Busy Woman’s Guide to Igniting the Writer Within (Amazon affiliate link). “In writing about turn-of-the-century Vienna, I realized that I needed a vocabulary […] Read more »