Monday Morning Marketing Quote: Why Social Media Needs To Be a Part Of Your Marketing

Are you getting involved, or are you being left in the dust?

Today’s Monday Morning Marketing Quote talks about the importance of getting involved in social media, and comes from Frank Agin and Lewis Howes and their book, LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn the Worlds Largest Professional Networking Website.

“When you become actively involved, you create the perception that you are a courageous, driven and optimistic person. When you become actively involved, others get the sense that you are caring and generous. When you become actively involved, people deem you as trustworthy and reliable. These things then combine and make it so that people cannot help but to know, like and trust you — which are the building blocks for every solid professional relationship. From here it is inevitable that your network becomes more productive – and opportunities are sure to follow.” – Frank Agin and Lewis Howes

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