Huggies’ Inspired Marketing: Venture Capital For Moms

Kimberly-Clark is giving its customers some respect with the new website and grant program.

Instead of holding yet another giveaway contest or asking mommies to write in how they “feel” about being, well, … mommies, the company is acknowledging the other dimensions of mothers’ lives and requesting business proposals for funding consideration.

Grants of $15,000 each will be awarded to “mompreneurs” who have viable business ideas and can demonstrate not only need, but also a solid plan for how they will use the grant.

According to a 2008 report from the National Association of Women Business Owners, moms start new businesses at twice the rate of business as a whole.  Yet only 3% of all venture capital funding goes to women.

This is a smart marketing strategy for the Huggies brand.  The program gives a shout-out to customers, acknowledging that being a woman with children doesn’t define who you are.

For about a quarter of the cost of one produced television ad, the program has impact and, if managed correctly, could grow into one of the most innovative, important online marketing strategies to date.

What do you think?  How can Kimberly-Clark enhance the marketing impact and grow the program to be as powerful as Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign?

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  1. Zane Safrit says:

    Is Huggies going to share some of their stories? This program is inspiring. The announcements will offer a moment of inspiration. But if their stories are shared, comments are allowed, results discussed, successes celebrated, failures learned from…using the standard social media tools like: a blog, FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc then you could develop a learning culture, a learning community, that could go viral, should go viral and be a huge boon for Huggies, the recipients and those learning from their journey.

  2. Brilliant observation, Zane. I don’t know what they have planned, but your outline is a MUST for the success of this campaign. It will be interesting to see if they have this interaction segment programmed into the campaign. It’s certainly what made the Dove campaign a giant success.

  3. Cathy says:

    I have a good idea for an online business and had heard the stats about women and venture capital. When I went googling (“venture capital for mothers,” if you’re curious), this was the first result. Thank you so much for the information! I’ll be following you now. :-)

  4. Thanks very much for commenting, Cathy. Good luck with your new business venture!

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