How To Convince Customers That You Are The Superior Choice

How do you convince a skeptical public that your product or service is the superior choice? How do you inject believability into your marketing message without delivering the ho-hum claims and clichés that customers loathe and reject?

You demonstrate confidence in your product or service with a credibility investment.

Saddleback Leather Company brazenly dares you to compare the quality of its bags with those made by its competitors. The company’s website even makes it easy for you by linking to 14 rival bag companies, including Coach, Swaine Adeney Brigg, and Louis Vuitton. By spending the currency power and control, Saddleback Leather’s power statement of manufacturing the world’s most durable bags brims with believability.

Likewise, Progressive Insurance spends power and control by offering comparison rate quotes online, including most rival insurance companies.

Yes, Progressive’s admission of being more expensive might scare off price-conscious shoppers. But this credibility investment allows Progressive to communicate that it’s trustworthy and easygoing, which attracts plenty of customers.

It’s what my friend and partner, Roy H. Williams calls the Law of Polarity, which states, “Your business’ ability to attract customers cannot exceed its potential to repel.” In other words, a powerful message that attracts one group of consumers, will be the identical message that repels another.

So, are YOU willing to spend a little power and control to lift the believability of your marketing message?

Few companies have the courage. But unlike money, power and control is a currency any business can afford. And demonstrating the virtues of your product or service is much more persuasive than telling your customers about the virtues of your product or service.

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