7 Steps to Setting-Up Your Own Image Depot

I’m a big proponent of stockpiling your own collection of high-quality images as a marketing resource. You can never have enough. Photos of your own customers and staff are best. Especially images that sparkle with candidness and authenticity. Please, junk those plastic-coated, staged photos. I promise, your customer can tell the difference between a phony […] Read more »

Say Goodbye to Burger King’s Parade of Hype (Let’s Hope)

Sex-crazed young men across the nation will be sad to learn that Burger King will no longer torment the rest of us with its gimmickry, hoopla and hype. Michele Miller recently commented on her WonderBranding blog that sliding sales have caused the head honchos at Burger King to finally wise-up and understand who buys their […] Read more »