Deconstructing Ads: Southwest Airlines Loves Your Bags

First Mental Image (FMI): Five airline baggage handlers standing on a tarmac, proclaiming that Southwest Airlines loves bags. The ad establishes a solid theme with its first mental image. A baggage handler is a credible spokesperson for baggage. The Message: Simple and straightforward. Unlike most airlines, your bags fly free on Southwest. Southwest successfully leverages […] Read more »

Two Questions You Must Ask Before Crafting Your Marketing Message

Developing a persuasive message is the most difficult job a marketer must tackle. It requires having the courage and objectivity to see yourself and your customers real. For the moment, forget about who you aspire to be and consider who you are being today. Likewise, relying on your own interpretation of the customer’s felt need […] Read more »

Create a Marketing Revolution In Just Three Easy Steps

The success of your business is related to standing out, not fitting in. But far too often, business owners dive headfirst into the pitfall of looking within their own industry for ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately this approach leads to stagnant and stale marketing. But jogging your brain cells and creating a marketing revolution is easy […] Read more »