5 Things You Can Do To Improve Her Experience At The Cash Register

iStock_000003275965SmallJust because your female customer is making a purchase in your retail location doesn’t mean you should relax at the cash register. Every moment she spends with you is an opportunity to improve your image and deliver a memorable customer experience.

Here are 5 things you can do at low-or-no-cost:

1.  Clean off your counter and give her room to maneuver. It’s very tempting to load your counter space with point-of-purchase displays and impulse buying options.  Are they hindering rather than helping your checkout process?  Women need room – space for purses, shopping bags, wallets, checkbooks, etc.  Not to mention space around the checkout area to park strollers, umbrellas, etc. while she checks out.  A large, spacious counter area is inviting and most welcome.

2.  Tell her what a great choice she’s made. We’ve all gone to nice eating establishments where the waiter remarks on our “excellent choice” of meal from the menu. Why not do the same? I’ve had the checkout person at Lucy comment on the cuteness of my choice of yoga top, had someone at Sports Authority tell me how happy I’d be with my new heart rate monitor, and a cashier at Trader Joe’s rave about the peppermint soap I was trying for the first time. Take a cue from these leaders and give it a try. In the female customer’s mind, it reinforces that she is a smart consumer and makes her feel that in your eyes, she really IS an important customer.

3.  Let your packaging be a walking billboard. This is the most costly of the 5 things, but the best investment as well.  If you’re still using generic plastic bags for her purchases, stop it. RIGHT. NOW. Invest in bold, colorful, or elegant bags (and liners like tissue paper, etc.) that are unique to your retail store and make a statement that she’ll love to carry around for the next hour. Better yet, make it highly functional as well.  For example: when you leave an Apple store, your purchase is placed inside vinyl drawstring bag that can be carried as a backpack or sling. It’s brilliant design and great function for women who are trying to balance multiple bags and children.

4.  Give her a little lagniappe. “Lagniappe” is that little something extra you give your customer just for being a customer. It’s NOT throwing in a coupon for a future discount; it IS something that has meaning at the moment of checkout. It’s the butcher who weighs the lunchmeat, prints out the price tag, and then throws an extra few slices into the bag.  It’s the bank teller at the drive-thru who notices the puppy in the car and sends a dog treat back with the deposit slip. It’s the clothing store manager who notices a customer looking through a basket of clearance earrings and lets her pick a pair for free.  It’s a small investment that brands your store directly into the reward behavior area of her brain.

5.  Invite her to join the club. Sign up for Facebookit’s free. Visit the pages of businesses like Grossman’s Country Nursery and Wise Grass to see how they’ve built pages for their and created community with their customers.  Follow their model of offering special events and discounts for their Facebook friends.  Start making the page about your customers, not you. And as your customer checks out at the register, hand her a special invitation to join the Facebook group.  It shows that you’re “in the know” with technology and social media, and is the perfect reminder that as a brand you continue to do business even after she leaves your store.  Used correctly, a Facebook page builds a steady, loyal fan base that is both trackable and measurable in terms of revenue.

Pretty easy things to do, right? Why not give them a try?  They’re small improvements that will have powerful results.

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  1. Again!!! Wow! That is why you are the Wonder Woman behind Wonder Branding and Marketing!
    This are great ideas. Can we teach them to our customers in our “imprint your experince” organization consulting? It is a way to put values, ethics and virtues to work and be tangible: here abundance, positive thinking, proactiveness, responsibility, kindness!!!
    2 thumbs up!!!

  2. Thanks, Mario. The simplest of things can be the most powerful. One of the challenges of marketing to women is not letting business owners get overwhelmed with the concept. Small, simple steps are what it’s all about.

  3. Michele, as always, great stuff. In my career as a retailer there are two other things you can do:

    1. Appreciate her. “Have a nice day” is not enough. Genuinely thanking her and appreciating her as a customer (and future raving fan) is a very positive thing to do.

    2. Have a box handy. So many purchases are for gifts and who has extra boxes or the time to go to Customer Service to get one. Great retailers have nice gift boxes ready and joyfully make them available.

    Great Blog…

  4. Great additions to the list Wayne. Genuine appreciation goes such a long way. And gift boxes – YES! Had slipped my mind. Thanks for the comment (and the nice words about the blog). :-)


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    Great post, worth a read, but I thought I would throw a couple more in there for the mums.
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