The Collapse of Trust

After waiting around, twiddling my thumbs, it’s finally been released. That’s right…it’s time for the Edelman Trust Barometer 2009. The Edelman Trust Barometer is an annual credibility survey performed by the world’s largest independent public relations firm. So here’s the deal: as one might expect, we live during an era where the importance of trust […] Read more »

Wyoming Working Hard to Become a Pioneer in Web Tourism


Wizard of Ads partner Dave Young and I had the distinct pleasure of spending two days this week in Cheyenne, WY, presenting and meeting with folks from Wyoming Travel and Tourism and their hospitality vendors from across the state. One of the highlights of the governor’s conference was getting a sneak preview of Wyoming Travel […] Read more »

Costco Uses “Robo-Calls” to Build Brand Loyalty… Really.


Old Way of Handling a Product Recall: Let customers find out through local and national news reports, then assume it’s the customer’s responsibility to remember if they purchased said product from you. New Way of Handling a Product Recall: Work your customer database like nobody’s business, and reach out to individual customers from a “we’re […] Read more »

Beauty Isn’t the Message

A recent blog post by Seth Godin called, “Beauty as a signaling strategy” had this to say: “Human beings have adopted this signaling strategy with a vengeance. I know a woman who is going to spend more than $9,000 having her hair styled in 2009 (hey, that’s less than $200 a week). Entire industries are […] Read more »