J.C. Penney “Doghouse” Campaign A Good One


While Holly and I have written about how we are not amused at sitcoms or advertising campaigns that set out to stereotype men as bumbling dolts who couldn’t put their socks on in the morning if their life depended on it, once in awhile an ad comes along that rings the bell without being offensive. […] Read more »

Asking for a Handout

Lemme get this straight: The Big Three auto companies want big bucks – $25 billion taxpayer bucks – to bail them out from a swirling mix of financial rot, but the CEO’s of these companies each flew to Washington to ask for help in their private jets? Hmmm. Something here smells vaguely of cheap cologne. Spending $20,000 […] Read more »

Motrin Brand Debacle Proves My Point


A few days ago, I wrote about the cultural sea change that’s just getting underway – a movement that will give female customers more power than ever. The two areas I told you to put on your radar – technology and transparency – have already to come back to haunt Johnson & Johnson’s Motrin brand […] Read more »

Sending Powerful Messages: The Three Factors of Signal Strength

The Six Currencies of Credibility is an operating system designed to manage the signals your actions send. This is a valuable marketing tool since a strong signal can slice through the clutter of ad-speak; boosting your company’s credibility and persuading truth-thirsty customers to take the action you’d like them to take. But a word of […] Read more »