How Time Influences Her Purchasing Process

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Senior man giving woman piggyback rideIn our recent post on female energy, we took a look at how different kinds of “fuel” are required to keep a woman’s human operating system hitting on all cylinders.  Women draw on energy from different sources, both internal and external, which means that you need to deliver your message from two different perspectives at all times in order to make sure you’re tapping directly into the pipeline of her neurons and planting your brand directly into her brain.

But planting a brand is one thing; having the patience to let the seed bloom is another.

Here’s where the other critical factor of the female purchasing process kicks in – her time horizon.

Where she gets her energy, combined with her outlook on life, gives you the underlying framework you need in order to build an effective, profitable marketing strategy.  It will affect every part of your business, from planning to copywriting to customer service.

A woman’s time horizon is the linchpin of life; it’s the lens through which she looks in order to gauge the effectiveness of the decisions she makes.


One woman may lean toward living “in the moment,” making decisions that to some might seem impulsive but to her are based on a philosophy that the road of life is short.  Her mantra is “Carpe diem, baby!”

Another woman’s decision may be influenced by an outlook that this world of ours is bigger than we’ll ever comprehend.  For her, it’s important to plant seeds of love and hope that may never bloom in her lifetime.

So while our “In the Moment” gal believes that life is an adventure and should be traversed in a red convertible Mustang, our “Leave a Legacy” female desires to make a minute dent in the global warming crisis, so she drives a Prius.  Neither choice is right or wrong; it’s simply a preference that highlights another essential difference in the way female customers make purchasing decisions.

Time, like female energy, knows nothing of age, income or lifestyle demographics – but its function is critical when it comes to determining your brand’s importance in her life.

Start thinking about the women in your life and their own time horizons.  Is there a way you can fuel the different energy needs of your female customers and position your product or service in ways that match their varying time horizons?  Definitely.  But we’ll have to leave that for next time.

Stay tuned to for future posts on the four strategic profiles of female customers and ways to deliver your brand message for powerful profit.

The Female Customer’s Time Horizon from Michele Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. Danielle says:

    great post Michele! I cant wait to read your subsequent posts about women’s time horizons and the effect our current economy will play.


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