The Stotting Gazelle – Practical Applications of Animal Signal Theory

Sensational copywriting brings sizzle, sparkle and shine to your advertising. The best marketers know this. Words cut with clarity. Words flutter the heart. Words awaken a slumbering imagination. But words without cost lack believability. And this lack of believability represents the dark side of our linguistic abilities. Speaking is a hallmark of human nature. No […] Read more »

The Six Currencies That Buy Credibility

Little white lies never hurt a soul. Hmmm. Sounds like the justification of a charlatan, doesn’t it? In business, ad-speak is the kissing cousin of little white lies. Seemingly harmless. Swarming all around us. “We’ve got the lowest prices and best selection. Guaranteed.” “Service with a smile. Service you can count on.” “Trust us. We’ve […] Read more »

Bikinis and Quitting Time

Mornington, Australia. Five-minutes-to-five. Three bikinis in hand. Checkout counter two feet away. “We close at 5 o’clock. You’ll have to leave now.”, ambushed the sales woman. Jaws agape. Words choking. Julie and her two daughters calmly place the merchandise back on the shelf and exit the seashore boutique. And one-hundred and three dollars walk out […] Read more »

No Batteries Required

Bright eyes point upward. Feet scurry down the aisles. Adults travel back to their childhood. Geppetto’s Workshop is a toy store unlike any I’ve ever seen. Marionettes and puppets dangle from every square inch of the ceiling. Shelves are stocked full of hand-crafted kaleidoscopes, spinning tops and puzzles. Fun embraces you in every corner. This […] Read more »