MacBook Air = Guy Magnet

Where was Apple when I was single? Since purchasing the oh-so-suhWEET MacBook Air, I am attracting guys like flies on honey.  I have been accosted approached by men in the airport security line, hotel lobbies, and meeting rooms.  At one point in Nashville, I had no fewer than five men surrounding me asking to hold […] Read more »

The Beautiful Right Minds

Here’s the newest graduating class of WonderBranding, flying with the “boy and the paper airplane” statue that David McInnis (that’s him in the red shirt, in the back row) has generously donated to Wizard Academy.  Forevermore, they shall be known as “The Beautiful Right Minds.” I enjoy each and every class I teach, but this […] Read more »

Gender and the Intelligence Factor

Medical evidence shows that the female brain has four times as many connections between hemispheres of the brain as that of a male.  A woman not only processes information four times as fast, she also utilizes both sides of the brain, tapping deeply into the right brain of emotion, experience, and reward behavior.  Where a […] Read more »

Go Figure

I am a Dividends Preferred member on U.S. Airways (a holdover from the golden days of America West).  I fly them almost exclusively because one of their hubs is Phoenix. After years of juggling U.S. Air’s whacky scheduling, I decided a few weeks ago to try another airline on today’s trip to Nashville (then on […] Read more »

The Shift Toward Low, Low Prices

The recently-released “2008 Customer Focus” study conducted by marketing firm Vertis shows that amongst women who are “chief shoppers” (responsible for more than 60 percent of household grocery shopping), nearly half (48 percent) say that low prices, advertised specials, and store coupons are the most important thing when it comes to choosing a grocery store. […] Read more »