New Balance Jumps the Shark

This week’s announcement that New Balance is shifting its campaign and advertising focus to a younger crowd has been met with skepticism, if not downright infuriation. With the entrance of New Balance’s new CEO, the company is doing what resembles a 180-degree spin on strategy, with a new advertising campaign centered around the love/hate relationship […] Read more »

What Revlon Still Hasn’t Learned From Vital Radiance

Josh asked me the other day what I thought of the latest news on Revlon’s corporate shake-up in light of the utter failure of the Vital Radiance line of makeup for older women.  According to the Wall Street Journal: “The Vital Radiance line failed largely because of marketing missteps. For example, it didn’t incorporate the […] Read more »

Beyond the Pink Ribbon: Cause Marketing

This week, Goldman Sachs announced that it will spend $100 million over the next five years to provide business education to 10,000 women in developing countries. The philanthropic effort, called 10,000 Women, is a program that will provide small business owners in developing countries with training in the areas of marketing, e-commerce, accounting and finance.  […] Read more »