Friday Fun: Star Wars Redux

When I talk about "speaking to the heart of the customer about what matters to the customer, in the language of the customer," this is what I’m talking about.  Enjoy this synopsis of Star Wars, through the eyes of a three year-old.  Think she wouldn’t convince other three year-olds to check out the movie?  This […] Read more »

Up A Creek Without A Paddle… Er, Oar

It seems that Dr. Jarvik of Lipitor commercial fame isn’t all that people might think he’s cracked up to be.  Turns out that while he’s a respected medical researcher and inventor, he’s never actually had a license to practice medicine.  Anyone who’s watched those ads might find that to be a little surprising. And those […] Read more »

Citizen Branding: Urban Planning For Women

Businesses aren’t the only ones who are thinking about marketing to women… now, entire cities are jumping on board. An article in USA Today discusses the trend of city planning to make urban areas safer and easier to navigate: “Medical experts, concerned about increased rates of obesity, diabetes and hypertension, have studied how the design […] Read more »

Soccer Mom Myth: The Video

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Rex over at Sunpop Studios on a number of projects, and I can say he wins the contest for "most real" video, hands-down.  Here’s his brilliance at work, on the promotion video for The Soccer Mom Myth: Once you watch this, you’ll know just about everything there […] Read more »

Our New Book: The Soccer Mom Myth

Those of you who are longtime readers of this blog may remember me mentioning a “cool secret project” I was working on with my esteemed colleague, Holly Buchanan.  I am extremely proud (and quite relieved!) to FINALLY announce the publication of our new book, The Soccer Mom Myth. The official release date for the book […] Read more »